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Dear Fandoms....

My lame attempt at an apostrophe and symbolism lol

Fandom, oh how you have evolved.  One event, one subject brought us together and thus you were created.  You were a piece of firewood, finally getting your chance to spread happiness and warmth.  You were ignited by us, the sparks awoke your flame, your flame grew, and eventually flickered with passion.   You have constructed friendships, wrapping your warm embrace around us, bringing us closer.  You have provided us hearty laughter when you are sometimes choked by your own blaze.  When your flame dims, and you, the firewood, slowly dissipate into ash, you feed on the opinions of your creators and faithful disciples as they throw more wood into the fire ring.  You are reignited, stronger and fiercer than you were before.  But can you handle the inferno?  The opinions you feast off of are conflicting, thus causing a raging war that resides in you.  Be careful, fandom.  You cannot fight fire with fire, because the end result is a bigger fire; more out of control and untamable.  Your fire can grow wilder than a forest fire, uttering chaos, or it can consume you until there is nothing left…. 

The fandom has evolved from single firewood, to a flickering flame, to a bonfire ablaze.  A subject, to discussion groups, to a community.  Why destroy each other for thinking differently?  The original fire that was ignited all those years ago is dying.  And we would do anything to keep it alive.  We would do anything to keep it from being suffocated.  But we cannot be selfish.  People will be drawn to the fire like moths.  It’s inevitable.  People will want to be welcomed by the warmth. 

The fire can grow out of control at times.  There is no denying that.  People will play with the flames and get burned.  But… why?  We all created the fire together.  We were all brought together because of that one subject, that one event.  We are all different pieces of the puzzle.  We are different people from different countries from around the globe.  We are the flames of the fire.  We all came together to love one thing.  Together we created that inferno, that community, that fandom.  Even though we may be burnt in the process, or maybe even caught in the midst of a raging war, we need each other…  To balance out the sanity and to keep the fire alive, otherwise, it can consume us, and extinguish the fire and passion of what we love. 

This was inspired by none other than the fandom, and my friend
katie2601.  Even though we disagree on certain ships, we are able to be civil and have an understanding.  I know you hate fandoms, especially recently, but thanks for sticking with me.  :)  The craziness can be overwhelming sometimes.  I'm the water that starts to boil, but you and our conversations are the dial on the stove that puts the water to a low simmer.  Hopefully, our conversations ease your frustrations too :) 

Thanks for taking the time to read my entry :)

Tags: attempt at poetry, random

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