July 1st, 2010

The Art of Eclipse: An Eclipse Review

 Today is a landmark for Twilight fans because Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight Series, has finally hit theatres.

I have had the opportunity to see it twice and counting. I have to agree with the critics when I say, “Eclipse was the best ‘Twilight’ yet.” It definitely was. Not only did the cinematography add to the film’s richness, but the elements from the book were captured on film. This film brought the book it was based on to life. This film was the only movie that was successful in that aspect.

All in all, I loved the movie! I thought it stuck very close to the book, way closer than the previous movies had. Of course I had my quirks though. I will share my positives and my negatives. I will not go through every scene because this would be a really long review if I did. Haha


I felt the need to write a small paragraph about the new director. When Slade was chosen as director, many people were worried, including me. Yes, David Slade brought darkness to the film. However, he brought it to a realistically, dark level. And what I liked about Slade's direction is that he did not try and follow the directors before him. Continuity is there, but he made the movie his own. The film is tainted with his unique touch, and you can obviously see it in the film. The tone of the movie, the wide-shots, everything is "Slade-copyrighted". We haven't seen these camera movements in the other films before, and I thought Slade did a fantastic job: with the actors, with the cameras, and with the movie.


The cinematography was absolutely gorgeous. From the landscapes to the tone of the movie, everything was beautiful. The movie was very visually dynamic and the coloring was incredible. The different angles, whether wide shots or close shots, they fit with the scene they were in. I will go into specifics when I am talking about certain scenes. To wrap up this portion of the review, I reiterate what I said about him in the paragraph above: David Slade did an amazing job with the camera work. I would even use the word artistic. He had some unique shots, which I am excited to talk about later on.

****Obviously, Spoilers from here on out**** 

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