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Edward & Bella, Robert & Kristen, and other Various Icons

I've been practicing for a while, but I finally decided to post and share them! I'm usually very hard on myself, but I have to say, I'm quite pleased with some of them. Espeecially the terrible blue tinted ones. Those I am quite proud of! Of course, my icons can't even be compared to some of the incredible art on livejournal. But, I'm learning! Anyways, hope you like them! You can take some if you want, it would be an honor! But, if you could just notify me which ones will be taken, and credit would be nice :) Thanks for checking them out!

Also... I know some of them look the same, but I promise they have different coloring. They just didn't turn out the way I expected them to. Lol.

[1] Charlie Bewley
[5] Robert Pattinson from New Moon Interview
[16] Robert and Kristen from Twilight (Various interview, BTS, DVD caps)
[2] Robert Pattinson from Remember Me
[2] Kristen Stewart from New Moon Promotion
[3] Robert Pattinson from Twilight Interview




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