mandapandao_o (mandapandao_o) wrote,


     For one, I would like to state that one of my new years' resolution is to use MY livejournal and not just lurk around the communities that I'm following. LOL. I've had alot of things happen this year, and the last hour of 2009, was not very pleasant. Personal issues. I'm sure I'll open up and vent and write my feelings out this year. I've never been good at keeping a journal, but I hope that will change. So, this is my first official post! I hope I can keep this up! And, I would just like to wish everyone a great 2010! Hope it will be a great year!

     ps. I know my journal doesn't look like much now with the simple color theme and whatnot, but I hope to make it better soon. Lol. I need to learn how to use livejournal. Even if you just skim my journal, I'm just glad I get the privilege to share whatever I have, on my heart, and in my mind with you. <3 Cheers to 2010!

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